Minions Paradise: A Fun and Exciting Game for the Whole Family

Due to the advent of management video games, electronic arts has introduces an all new mobile game from the movie Despicable Me, which is called the Minions Paradise. Basically this game is much more about the cute and cuddly minions from the said movie Despicable Me. However, it is more likely different from the previously released game called the Minion Rush which is famous for being an endless runner. 

The main character of this game is one of the minions named Phil, who has a kind heart yet pretty clumsy and oftentimes unintentionally ruin everything around him. This game shows the perfect example of his clumsiness when he accidentally sinks the ship where lots of his minion friends are on board. Luckily, at the nearby area, they found a tropical island. Now your task is helping Phil to transform the said island into a paradise to be able to satisfy his fellow minions and gain their trust once again. You have to build shelter and everything that they will possibly need for living and at the same time they will be able to enjoy while being stuck on the island. 

At the starting point of the game you might be intimidated but actually it is simple since all you have to do is keep on collecting building objects and resources in order to obtain doubloons and sand dollars. These doubloons and sand dollars is the currency of the game. Additionally, you will not be having a hard time to control this game because your task is to tap on trees and pits as well to be able to collect supplies and resources such as coconuts and gas.

Basically, you can assign minions at every station. Assigning minions depends on what level you have already reached since higher levels allows player to unlock or open more slots so that minions could go on resource collector. Furthermore, there are minions as well that usually comes every five minutes to buy sand dollars form the resources players. By collecting resources, you are not just fulfilling your task but allow you to unlock some other areas of the island as well.

On the other hand, you should also be careful with these valiant minions who want to own your place and make your paradise as their personal playground. So all you need to do is to build them an attractive resort to divert their attention and get them rid out of your place. 

Generally, this management game is surely fun and entertaining not just too young people but even to 3 years old and above. This type of game can absolutely provide fun and excitement to the whole family.